||Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari||           ||Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari||           ||Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari||           ||Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari||          ||Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari||

||Shri Rukmini Temple||    

     Mother Shri Rukmini’s temple is in north of the temple of Shri Vitthal. There are four sections of the temple sabhamandap, main mandap, madhyagriha and gabhara. On the north of the madhyagriha, there is a room for wardrobe of Shri Rukmini. It is equipped with silver bed, well maintained mattresses and velvet clothes.



      Next to gabhara there is tall square size pillar on which west facing magnificent and attractive idol of mother Shri Rukmini is fixed. Like Shri Vitthal she is also standing resting her hands on her waist. The mother Shri Rukmini’s idol is decorated with many ornament’s and clothes. On her forehead there is big round kumkum tilak. All devotees touch Shri Rukmini’s feet with full of love and devotion in mind.

    There is reference in Holy Scripture about how Shri Rukmini and Shri Vitthal arrived in Pandharpur. - Shri Krishna had eight wives. One day Shri Rukmini saw Shri Krishna sitting with a wife named Radhika. Shri Rukmini left the place out of hatred and jealousy after knowing Shri Krishna’s affection towards other wives and went to Dindir van. Shri Krishana didn’t know where Rukmini was started a search for Rukmini and reached in Dindir van where He found Rukmini. There was also another reason behind Shri Krishna’s Visit to Dindir van and that was His one of the greatest devotees Bhakt Pundalik was also living in the same place with his ailing parents. Shri Krishana wanted to fulfill the promise given to King Muchkund by Him who was Bhakt Pundalik in his next life.

Daily schedule of the Rukmini Mata temple.

  • 3.30 am Opening of the main door near Namdev step
  • 4.00 to 5 am Shri Vitthal Rukmini kakada
  • प 5.00 am beginning of darshan.
  • 10.45 am offering of lunch (mahanaivedya)
  • 4.30 pm clothes wearing
  • 6.45 pm Dhoop arati as per day.

     In special period of Chaturmas daily recitation of Shrimadbhagvat is done in sabhamandap of the temple. There are paintings of Rukmini svayanvar (Rukmini marriage ceremony) on east west arch inside of the sabhamandap. There are eight paintings which are having high quality of art.
     Navaratra is also celebrated in much enthusiasm every year in Rukmini temple. In this period of fifteen days various types of clothes are put on both Shri Rukmini and Shri Vitthal idols. Many devotees gather in the temple to see the attractive clothing. During Navaratra festival many other religious program are organized in the place called Saint Tukaram Bhavan. Many national and international artists are invited often to present their art. This festival is one of the most attractive events every year that takes place in Pandharpur. There is also another festival called Makarsankranti on which also many devotees gather in temple to exchange the special sweets as a conventional practice.