Shri Vitthal Rukmini Mandir Samiti - Bhakt Nivas

Shri Vitthal Rukmini Mandir Samiti - Bhakt Nivas

Shri Vitthal Rukmini Mandir Samiti has built modern lodging facilities for devotees. IGBC has ranked this building and this is the first "Green Building" in district. It has capacity for 1200 devotees. Special types of trees having religious and health significance are planted. Water from this building is not snet out but is processed and re-used. Rain water and waste water will be processed and will be used for trees in building premise.

Also, garbage is collected at one place in rooms. Dry and wet garbage will be separated and will be processed to produce fertilizers. For this purpose a modern machine is installed in building. Modern fire safety mechanisams are used in building to control fire. In case of fire, within few seconds oxygen and water will be sprayed. Heavy whater sprays will be triggered where fire intensity is high.

Bhakta nivas has trees like Tulasi, Zendu, Red flower, 27 trees beloging to 27 Nakshtras. Nakshtra trees were planted on that particular Nakshtra.
Bhakta nivas Rooms and facility details:
- 78 Halls which can accomodate 8 people each
- 63 halls which can accomodate 5 people each
- 81 2 bedded rooms
- 51 VIP AC rooms with 2 beds
- 8 VIP suits
- 6 VVIP suits
- 1 bhk flats for people who want to stay for long time.

Other facilities:
- A big veg restaurant with all modern facilities
- 2200 SqMeter lawn with 15X9 Meter stage for various programs
- 43 shops on front side of bhakta nivas
- Parking for 273 four wheelers and 200 two wheelers

Bhakta Nivas- Lodging Facility
Bhakta Nivas- Garden and surrounding area
Bhakta Nivas- Interior